The website is open to all users and visitors. To add content to the site, a Steam login is required, which is quick and easy. Everyone has the right to express their opinions and thoughts or suggestions and comments. However, it must be stressed that discussions must be conducted in a civil manner and with respect for other users and their opinions, but no one user of the site is responsible for your actions! It happens that sometimes the conversation gets heated in an attempt to push one's point of view at any cost, and sometimes this is for the best, but in no case is any type of vulgar language, racial speech, copying another site's content without a copyright mark, ridiculing other religions, attacking and insulting each other, aggressive or immoral behavior, starting pointless or contentless topics that nobody is interested in anyway tolerated here. Promoting pornography, recruiting players, promoting other sites unrelated to will result in immediate blocking of access and deletion of the disputed post.

In short, the web is there for everyone to communicate and get more information from each other and especially to solve problems with the server and the web. It's also here as a source of entertainment and not a place to project your own problems onto others. This is NOT a place for fighting! Have fun, discuss, enjoy freedom of speech, and respect the opinions of others!

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