Credits are a virtual currency that can be used to purchase various items on our servers. Credits are not real currency and cannot be exchanged for real money. Credits are not transferable between players. Credits are transferable between servers. Credits are not transferable between accounts.

  • Credits are tied to a Steam account, to which they are credited and are non-transferable.
  • Credits should come immediately, but if you get credits will not arrive within 24 hours, contact us on our Discord or create a support ticket here.
  • Credits you receive for free for playing on our servers in contests or other occasions, so-called free credits, are not full credits that can be used on the servers to pay for services. These credits must be so called rolled in our raffle on the site or discord or other activities, games on the site.
  • Transferring credits to another Steam account is only possible if the account you want to transfer credits from has had any of the subscription plans active for more than one month
  • The terms and conditions for a given payment method can always be found on the page where the credit purchase takes place.
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