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Web Rules

The FUNPLAY.pro site is open to every player and site visitor. To add content to the web, it is necessary to register, which is simple and fast. Everyone has the right to express their opinions and suggestions and comments. However, it should be stressed that under the conditions under which data protection principles must be complied with must be respected. It happens that sometimes it develops and sweetheart in the pursuit of the prize for its opinion of its opinion and that it is a good idea, but in no way that happens when you want to look at any type of vulgar expression, racial speech, copying the content of another site without any trademarks, other religions, mutually attacking and offending, aggressive or immoral behavior, creating pointless or non-content topics that no cares about anyway. Promotion of pornography, recruiting players, disjointed advertising pages.

  Try to post your posts to the appropriate category.

  Any spam will not be tolerated! The user will be immediately punished.

  Likewise, dirty words, sexual harassment, drugs, insults, and aggressive behavior result in immediate ban without exception.

  Respect everyone's right to express their opinion.

  Do not seek or promote anything that could compromise the FUNPLAY.pro portal.

  Don't create meaningless and meaningless topics.

  It is forbidden to put in signatures in the forum, avatar pictures / text of sexual or advertising material, otherwise ban!

  It is necessary to follow the curriculum and the rules of the website!

In short, the web is here for all the communications and getting more information from each other and solving the problem with the server and the web. It is possible that this is a source of entertainment. This is NOT a place to fight! Have fun, discuss, enjoy the freedom of speech and respect the views of others!
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