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Coltenn admin apply

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Hello my name is coltenn and i play alot of scoutknives and ive been thinking about being an admin Since im very active on the scout server and i have alot of experience.

iam 17 years old and i think that an admin should be fair to other people and kind and absolutly not abuse Their power. 

I have Also seen that it is alot of swedish people on the server And since im swedish i can help them and talk to them when they need help or anything! 

And i have also seen alot of cheaters on the server and since im so active and have 5000 hours on csgo i think i have experience to see cheaters.  And ban fair. and i have prime 

here is my steam id http://steamcommunity.com/id/coltenn


Upraveno uživatelem coltenn
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Hi man, we need more strangers, for communicating with others people on funplay.

From me u has Yes

And i will be happy, if u will be in this funplay team.

Good Luck with Gamer

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