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CS Admin


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O uživateli Motaz123

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  1. Ban hráče dwknkwdlndwnlkaslnklwd, Důvod: Cheating (Aimbot) - AWP Ultimate | No Scope Only
  2. yea bro i say 3 4 fps i try to play it and i got into the game too but i cant even move from the lag 4 fps thats what i mean by my pc cant run it and ty bro if you say yes or no and i see if i find u on steam i will answer any problem u see from me bcuz i know i never did something bad
  3. i dont refund bcuz i play more than 2 hours i try so many hours to get it work but 3 4 fps thats what im trying to understand why he dont cheat on cs go? my friend tell me sometimes even if u cheat on cs go you dont get banned you get lucky and you get away and maybe he say lets cheat on pubg he just buy it idk rly idk
  4. hi burak as i say bro i have 20 hours on pubg and i was having 15 or 14 and on this 14 hours i was testing it my pc cant run it i was typing how to get more fps on pubg on youtube why i have to buy the game then cheat!! and i was so scared when i got ban on pubg i say no way he cheat on cs go No Way but thank god thank god till now from 2 years dont get banned so he look like he dont cheat on cs go also if i have cheats on my pc im already banned on cs go when i see i got banned im like What? i cant even think then i got so scared bcuz of cs go i swear but yeah 2 years and still not banned reports on MM and in game and on profile
  5. hi im 18 years old and i got more than 550+ hours on noscop server. why i have ban on pubg someonee stole my acc and cheat then i got banned and as you can see i got 20 hours on pubg i wasnt even playing it bcuz it cant run on my pc. i have prime acc. i dont speak czech but most of them on noscop know me and they talk with me english if there is any problem they tell me in english or ask friends to tell motaz this guy is doing something bad to me and very much i call admin who speak czech. i have mic i can talk but i dont talk its big story i can tell you the full story just msg on steam + discord. i want to be admin on noscop server. ok why i want to become admin im old player and everyone know me i have 2 years+ and when i always play we ffind hackers im the only 1 on that server to get them banned i wont say i swear to god but i never see anyyone getting someone banned on noscop server im getting all the cheaters on noscop server banned some of them runs away bcuz i need 1 hour to open discord and to find admin and sometimes no admins like what can i say to say and i also can know any player if hes cheating or not im so good at it and what makes me to become admin more and more its bcuz there is 2 guys this guys join 1 day and idk how it start it but they dont forgot they start joining everytime talk bad words to me always like leave me alone they see me afk oh he wanna call admin lets go out and back next 2 3 weeks they come back i open discord thats a 1 hour bcuz i have bad pc and then i hope i can find admin 1 is afk 1 cant 1 and other offlline and like i dont know what to say from where to start so many words to get out and most of the admins know what i mean ty pls let me admin on noscop server as the best player i must be admin and server defender and getting cheaters banned in 3 mins and thats not just for me i swear i love all admins and i love funplay so much i swear to god.. ty pls let me try me.
  6. hi i play on noscop server everyday and got more than 400+ hours and we play everyday the same maps we saved the maps of how much we play them we got bored of the same maps so im saying if you cant add new maps you can remove some maps we dont play rly.. like aim go or something like that and add new map like westwood or other big maps but the most we need is westwood rly fun map. ty
  7. Server: AWP Ultimate | No Scope Only Admin: MrCaMp3R steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198352341869/ I was playing on 1 of your servers noscop 1 I was playing normal then I got banned for wallhacking pls unban

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