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Feedback of Fun Mod :)

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Hello FUNPLAY,  Yesterday my mates introduced me to the Fun Mod server, and I thought I would leave a thread to leave my feedback, hoping that it doesn't leave me looking like a dumbass  . I also only have 1h~ on the server so this is based off my experience so far, hopefully this feedback will benefit the server and eventually let it gain popularity over time. So during my time yesterday I actually did have quite a bit of fun, even tho there was only about 5-6 people on the server, it didn't take away from the fact that you could kinda just chill out and mess around for a bit if you didn't feel like playing seriously or if you wanted something else to do. Here's where the feedback actually starts: Game Modes: So I played a few different game modes yesterday and they all seemed pretty enjoyable. I mostly enjoyed one of the deagle maps and the scout knives map when there tends to me more people on, it tends to get a bit difficult but its still pretty cool. I'm also certain a variety of new modes will eventually be added into the map pool as the server grows larger, and the general server popularity will rise. So in terms of game modes, I think everything is all good so far, maybe change the map time of each map to about 20 mins so that people who are connected longer get more of a chance to see what they like and try out all of the modes that they can. Changing the map time would also lower the chances of mid round rtv's and of people getting a bit bored from the map dragging out too long. In-Game Shop: Now here's what I'm thinking and I'm sure a lot of other people are too... Some of the shop items at the moment are WAYYY TO OP. And from what I understand, it's setup so that the more time players invest into the server, the more perks they get = the more fun they have. While this is good, it doesn't stop the items being too overpowered and potentially ruining the fun for other people, (especially new players like me). Imagine this: The server has grown in popularity and there's now 12-15 people playing on the server at once (I'm not really sure how many slots the server can take, but even this number would be out of control). They are all regular players and know each other well, but since they are all regulars, they all have heaps of in-game money, and are all high levels, which leads to them using store perks a whole lot more than they should be used. While I was on yesterday, my friend bought this thing where he could just no-clip around the map and basically stab everyone in their spawn if he really wanted to. Imagine 15 people all trying to do that on one small map that was meant for a certain mode, not for everyone flying around, and not really playing the mode. Now this is where my opinion is strong and how I feel about the store. I personally think that the in-game store perks for higher ranked players should still be better than most other players, but not to the point of which they are flying around as fast as they want knifing everyone on the other team, because it really ruins the vibe of the gamemode and takes the fun out of it for others.

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